BOSS is about uncovering the best version of you.


Build a staple wardrobe

You'll have all the tools you need to build a minimalist staple wardrobe, that you can dress up or down for any occasion. In Boss, you don't need two separate wardrobes for work and play. 



Colour is where the magic happens. There's even research that proves how colours elevate our moods.

That said, there's no need to get rid of any black clothes you love! You can still wear it, only now, you'll know how to wear black better.



You'll have a wardrobe that can stand the test of time, and be able to spot trend items from a mile away. You're in control.


dress for you, not for anyone else

Whether you prefer pants over skirts or vice versa, or whether you want to step outside your comfort zone and try it, it's all up to you.

Many of our Boss Babes who used to avoid skirts because they didn't love their legs, have come to embrace it. Some have stuck to what they're comfortable in, and that's fine too! It's your wardrobe and you're the boss. We will support you either way.


GO casual & comfortable or classic & chic

You can apply Boss principles to find, rediscover, or create your very own style. Our Boss Babes would sometimes start out with one style and evolve into a different one. With Boss, your wardrobe never gets boring.

If you need inspiration, you'll have access to all our private Boss Babe photos and posts that you won't see anywhere else!


Boss is not about following fashion, but all about following what's right for you.

Because once you get your wardrobe sorted, you can just get on living your best life!


"BOSS is the New Black" ~ one happy Boss Babe




Boss Spin-Off Communities


Boss is so life-changing that when you become a #bossforlife, you'd want to stay connected and create life-long friendships with other babes from the course.

Check out the super secret spin-off groups that our beautiful Boss Babe grads have created. 

(Thanks to Boss, they now have heaps of time to work on other aspects of their lives!)


Do you enjoy sewing, arts and crafts, or would like to just enjoy looking at what some of our amazingly talented babes are up to? Then look no further than this group. Some of us even create our projects using Boss principles!


All our babes are super busy women, so this is the group for all non-course related posts.
Maybe you have a job interview, problem or concern, or general good news, this is the page to share it.

Boss Babes Buy, Swap & Sell

Have you had that cull, or realised you just don't reach for some items in your wardrobe. Then try selling those items on to other babes. Only items that fall into the Boss guidelines.


BOSS BABE fitness

Looking to lose weight, get fit and active, then join here. Our babes are all motivating each other, each and every day to become a healthier version of themselves. Warning…. You may see the occasional underwear or naked from behind photo, as babes show their achievements with before and after photo's.

Boss Babes Book Club

Who doesn't enjoy relaxing with a cuppa and a good book! Have you read a good book lately, or looking for some recommendations for a good read. Then stop by here. Maybe even swap a book or 2 with some other babes.

Boss Babes Wine & Cocktail Appreciation Group

Enjoy a good drop, or want some ideas on a wine to accompany a meal or to give as a gift. Maybe a cocktail recipe or 3. Then this is the group for you!


Boss Babe Curly Girls

This is a group for all the curly haired babes. A group for sharing tips and hints on how to manage your locks.


Everything food and cooking related. Share recipes, cooking tips and tricks etc.


Got a great idea for a group? Join us and we'll make it happen! ;)


"Become the very best version of you by surrounding yourself with those who will help you get there." ~Nat Tucker