At this point you’ve just learned all the workings of the perfect Boss Wardrobe and how to make it work for you.

You’ve just learned the science behind:

  • creating the perfect silhouette in under 2 minutes

  • correcting necklines and adding curve, balance and proportion with a simple styling trick

  • how LDCP formula brings your outfit to a whole new level just by playing with the shades of neutrals, colours, contrasts and prints

  • why our best colours are based on our skin undertones and how it all works to form the base of your perfect wardrobe - including jeans! All based on your genes.

  • how old styling myths like matching colours and elongating your leg line doesn’t really work, and there’s a better way

  • why you don’t need a massive wardrobe and all you ever really need is your four personal colours

  • how the perfect wardrobe with your best colours and styles work together work to give you a mix and match wardrobe where

Just the mini course alone has helped thousands of women get dressed faster. If you keep practicing and keep a style diary, I know you will get there too.


Now if you need more help and want to learn more, to become a full Boss Babe with all the knowledge you need to build your perfect wardrobe so you never have to second guess yourself again for the rest of your life…

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It’s the fastest way to building your perfect, hardworking Boss Wardrobe that saves you money and gets you dressed and out the door in minutes, with complete confidence knowing you’re showing up as the very best version of you.

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