Bombers and Boyfriends


It is the season for jackets (and chocolate, it's always the season for chocolate).

Now I know a lot of you don't have time to watch videos and you find my little visual pdf send outs easier to digest but there are a few of you who do learn better by watching so because of this I will continue making a video at least once a month.

Today's video is showing you how different jackets behave, and why if you can only afford one jacket this season, grab a bomber jacket in a print or a boyfriend blazer in one of your best neutrals or a best colour.

I have been asked to explain how to work out your best neutral and I will try as best as I can without you having done or planning to do The Boss Course in the future - So stay tuned for those info sheets over the next few months.

Next week I will be giving you another guide to wearing boots with your skirts and dresses (as requested) and I agree that these little pdfs are fabulous for keeping on your phone while out making those tough (and expensive) shopping decisions.

Just make sure you aren't looking at them while you are walking (safety first).

You can watch the video here: