Guide to Kaftan and Stripes for Spring

Let your kaftan be the feature! Try not to match a colour from your kaftan to your shorts, pants or shoes.

How To Wear Kaftans.PNG


 1. Flock kaftan
2. Soft Chambray shorts
3. Beach bandit kaftan
4. Dark tan espandrille
5. Denim shorts

A straight hem kaftan gives the impression of a long shirt and tucks easily into shorts, skirts and pants when off the beach. A curve hem kaftan appears to act more like a dress and flatters the legs adding length.

ade (2).PNG


  1. Amber shorts
  2. Blue blended kaftan
  3. Halle relaxed khaki shorts
  4. Black lace up sandals
  5. Dark tan suede sandals
  6. Bright tan suede sandals

Chuck on a pair of shorts to get you to and from the beach or the public pool when your kaftan comes up in the front and down at the sides. Once your day is over, chuck on a pair of jeans to finish the night over cocktails.

adfas (3).PNG


  1. Costa Rica kaftan
  2. Ink navy jeans
  3. Seeing Zebra kaftan
  4. Pink peep toe heels

Your bold print kaftans deserve to be worn everywhere!

Oh! If, at anytime, you are unsure of what top to wear with a pair of print shorts or pants, just chuck on a chambray shirt, it works with everything.

And here is a bonus guide to how you can wear your Stripes for Spring!


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