How To Know Your Eye Colour & Choose a Scarf That Works.

One of the keys to choosing the best scarves for you is knowing which scarf colours work best with your eye colour to make them pop but first of all it's pretty important that you know what colour your eyes are.

For some of us that's pretty obvious, if you have meltingly deep brown eyes there is no mistaking them for anything other than brown.

The difference between bright blue and light blue is fairly easy to pick.  Bright blue eyes are more likely to remind you of the jewel-like ocean on a sunny day while light blue eyes are more like the ocean when it's overcast or stormy.  Grey eyes are similar to light blue eyes and are suited to wearing similar coloured scarves.

Olive green is reminiscent of the dusty greens you might find in the desert while emerald green reminds you of a tropical rainforest.

Then there is, perhaps the most confusing of all, hazel.  Hazel eyes are difficult to describe but a combination of brown and green is a good starting point but they may often be tinged with hints of blue and/or gold.  Hazel eyes will often appear to change in different light or with changes to the colour clothing you are wearing.

So, how do you find the colour match to your eyes?

Start by looking in the mirror in good light, because we all see colour differently the best thing to do now is to find something in your wardrobe that matches well.  Grab everything that might be a good match to your eye colour (so if your eyes are blue, you will grab all of your blue things...brown, you get brown get the picture).  Now take two and hold them on either side of your face, keep the one which matches best and pop the other down.  Now grab another item and compare it to the first, again, keep the one that matches better, popping the other one down.  Continue through this process until you have found the item that matches best to your eye colour.

Nat suggests cutting a small piece from the cloth and taking it with you shopping when you find something that is a perfect match to your eye colour.  That is because we will always find it easy to wear something that is the same colour as our eyes.  Because scarves sit close to our face, and our eyes, knowing the best colours for you makes it so much easier to both choose and wear them!

If you look below you will find a small selection of scarves that will give you an idea of what colours to start with when choosing scarves for your eye colour.  They are all linked so you can click on them to see where we found them.  We hope that this helps you with something that, with all the choices of patterns, colours, textures and fabrics, can easily be overwhelming.

Nat xo