Office Wardrobe Ideas When Returning to Corporate After Time Off

Returning to work or changing jobs can be daunting and you really don't need any more stress when it comes to building that office wardrobe than you already have just thinking about your new job.

Meet Lauren. Lauren is returning to work after maternity leave (eeeek, hard enough right) and because Lauren is in the Boss Course, all of the Ladies helped Lauren to create outfits using their knowledge from the Course.

Lauren is an Eyes, cool skin and high contrast colour type and so armed with her best colours, the Ladies very soon had some awesome ensembles happening.

All I did here was finish off by adding the light, dark, colour or print element.

Lauren now has a shopping list of - a white necklace, a tan wedge, a print shoe and some more print tops (actually Lauren has already set out and grabbed these, easy hey) and now Lauren is feeling like she has that part of her life under control (phew!).

Office Wardrobe Elements Bright Pink Top and Blazer.png


Lauren can also, over time, buy a coloured blazer and a white shirt/shell top to work with this one skirt and then buy a coloured skirt and a print skirt to complete the entire work wear wardrobe.

With Lauren's casual wardrobe, she has already learnt in the Boss Course which boot colours to collect for her colour type along with jeans colours, makeup colours, street sneakers colours etc. etc.

If you would like to see a little more about what goes on in the Boss Course, you can do that here.

And if you are keen to follow Lauren's blog "Life at number five", you can click here to check it out (especially if you are returning to work after maternity leave).