Which Boots To Buy


Boots are so expensive! Let's get this right the first time.

Not everybody needs to wear what everyone else is wearing.

If it doesn't work for you, discover why and work with that plan for yourself.

Now I always say collect your boots in a dark, a light, a colour, and a print with the very least of these being just a dark and then a light but that doesn't mean you have to. You may be someone who only likes light colours on her feet when they are fully enclosed.

The key here though, is to spend some time finding out if this is your truth and once you know it is.


And take me out for a coffee instead.

I am hoping this cheat sheet below speaks for itself with the rules to which boot goes with which colour of jeans.



I want you to take a really close look at my picture below.


Does it seem to you that the light grey knit and then the cool grey pants look very much in common with my skin tone (my face and hair)?

We really are as one.

But - my warm orange tan boots stand out like a KFC sign on a back end road after a six and a half hour long drive (or is that just me? ... forget that I actually just said that). Warm tan will contrast any of your pants no-matter whether they are light, dark, colour or a print (the ones in my last photo are considered a print due to the rips).

Some people have really warm glowing skin and others have cold as ice complexions.

I, myself, am an ice Queen and I have learnt to love being just that over the years.

Once you know which side you lean on, it is very easy to get your boot collection in order.

Just take a photo of yourself wearing either a warm or a cool colour boot and then flip them back side to side, you will get it.

I have attached below the colours of both cool and warm boots but I always recommend that everyone has a medium tan pair as that colour goes with everything.

It contrasts against denim blues, it's the best colour pairing back with greys and looks smashing with black.

The lively medium colour that tan is (not dark and not light) will always give your outfit a frame no matter whether you are wearing warm tones or cool tones.

So start building your boot collection there.

If you need (and want) more than just one pair, make sure you watch the video below to help you decide exactly what other kind of boots you really need.

Boots Mockup.png

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