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Get the complete Style Science System that gets 800+ women dressed & out the door in under 5 minutes.


The Boss Course is an online course that builds your PERFECT personalised wardrobe regardless of your size, age, budget, or lifestyle. (Even if you hate shopping.)

All based on the science of you.

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Discover What Suits You So You Can Create Your Perfect Personalised Wardrobe


goodbye capsule, hello staple.

(Because colour adds all the fun.)


Learn YOUR BEST colours & styles

Get confirmation from me on your colour type under my proprietary Boss System, so you can start building your Boss Staple Wardrobe. 

You'll gain life-changing knowledge on the colours and styles that will help you embrace your genetic features.



Create a wardrobe that gives you endless combinations of outfits that suits your personality and your lifestyle.

Learn what hairstyles, sunglasses, reading glasses, accessories suit your facial lines and more.  Create a timeless, classic style that allows you to venture into trends.


Create your own individualised style

Get the full framework that will allow you to put stylish and comfortable outfits together that can take you from  ball games to ballrooms in minutes.

Tweak it to fit your lifestyle, budget and personality so you can make your style your very own.





This is the story of why I created the Style Science System (a.k.a. Boss System).



You're one step away to becoming the BOSS of your wardrobe!

Please choose your preferred investment option below.

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The Boss System works in your wardrobe like having a stylist work for you 24/7.

It's like setting aside $32/week or $4.50/day in a year…and you get access for life.

IS $4.50/day worth saving you time, energy, and sanity? 

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.
— Karen A. Barquiran
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Is your skin undertone BLUE, ORANGE, PEACH or PINK?

In the Boss System, there are four proprietary colour types with colour palettes. These types and palettes are different from the traditional "seasonal" colour analysis types.

If they didn't quite work for you like many of our Boss Babes, then the Boss System could be what you're looking for.

In Boss, I'll confirm your colour type, plus you get the full system so you know for sure your best colours, your best styles, and more.




Based on science, not seasons.

Discover the science behind the system and know that it all makes sense...just the way nature intended.



Learn about your 4 personal neutrals so you can infuse your wardrobe with personalised colours & contrasts based on the science of you.


It’s never just about the what,
but also about the how. Once you learn the principles in the Boss system, you can style anything and make it work for you.


Learn about shapes that enhance your features. Discover which silhouettes are timeless & transcend the trends. i.e., will last longer & will never go out of style.


You're just one step away from becoming the Boss Of Your Wardrobe !

Join over 800 Boss Babes and learn my proven system for nailing your wardrobe every time.

The Boss Course gives you all the tools you need so you can make choices that's perfect for you.



What's Included

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Short video lessons that teach you step-by-step how the Boss  Of Your Wardrobe System works. Because I know how busy you are, I've kept the videos short and sweet (3-15 minutes) so you can learn faster and in your own time. They're self-paced so you can start whenever you like, and take however long you like.

From the moment you watch the first module, you'll start learning about your undertones and your colour type. You'll get confirmation from me so there's no more second-guessing what colours suit you!

You'll feel like you're learning things about yourself that you've never even realised, and you'll feel this sense of accomplishment as things start to fall in place.


PDF workbooks you can save in your phone that serve as your reference and guidelines throughout the completion of the course so you can have them handy as you slowly apply your BOSS learnings.

Going to the hairdressers is a breeze as you whip up your face shape workbook so you can work out which hairstyle works best for your face shape. Feel that you're in control because you have a system that you can reference when you need.


My personal favourite: closed, private community (or tribe) of supportive Boss Babes who help you along on your journey, your homework, and add even more fun to the experience! Know that you're not alone in this, or at all. It's like gaining hundreds of new best friends.

Worried about an outfit for your special event? Or an online purchase you're not too sure about? Pop a photo up in the group and get much needed opinion and advice! Feel assured that you're getting it right. The Boss Team, the Boss Babes and I are here to help you work things out!


Personalised to your colour type and features because we all have different colour types, eye colours and lip colours. They're clues that tell us what colours and neutrals best suit us, so we can start building our staple wardrobe starting with our best personal neutrals.

Having a list and a map lets you quickly reference the clothes you should look for. Imagine walking into a shop and zoning in on the perfect print jacket to fill your wardrobe gap, so you spend minutes instead of hours trying things on. Say goodbye to impulse-buy mistakes and feel confident about your shopping choices, knowing that you're making the right investment in the right pieces.


A book that contains all the learnings from Boss. You'll receive it after you've completed all your modules. Save it on your phone or print it like other Boss Babes have, within easy reach of your wardrobe.

"Want to know how to mix prints and what colour handbag to get for a ""Hair"" colour type? The Big Book of Boss knows! Feel secure knowing that you can't go wrong and you won't forget all those Boss learnings once you've finished! We're just getting started! And remember, it usually takes two years to get your perfect Boss wardrobe.


#BOSSlive appearances where you get to ask Nat all your questions!

Fashion trends come and go, and we like to get the official dish from the Boss herself. Learn whether a trend is worth investing in, and how to best wear them.

Eyeing a coat with a waterfall style? Not cheap, so should you invest? Time to ask Da Boss! Feel reassured that you're not wasting money on trend items that won't last more than one season. Smart Boss Babes are savvy spenders and we make sure our investments go a long way!

Plus some awesome bonuses:


Weekly challenges that's both fun and educational to help us cement our Boss learnings and experiment with our wardrobes!

When we're starting out it can sometimes be scary to post our photos especially with heaps of gaps, and the challenges help us practice! We have challenges like #ruleofthirds #springswap that helps us transition through spring.


As a Boss Babe, you get access to the following:

  • sneak previews of upcoming releases and specials from my label: Science of Style. You'll know what's coming up weeks before the public does. You also get a special login so you can grab your perfect piece days before they're released to the public.
  • this is completely optional, but if you'd like a day with me and the girls while we shop for your gaps, then you have the option to book a group shop with me!


You get all these and much more when you join the Boss Course!



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I know that you'll be thrilled with all your Boss learnings and being part of the most supportive tribe of women out there. If you’ve completed all homework assignments, you're either thrilled to see or feel a difference — or email me for a full refund.

There really is nothing to lose except the stress of getting dressed.

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The BOSS Roadmap



Find out straight from me if your skin undertone is blue, peach, pink or orange.



Get a palette of your best colours that you can use to extend your base colours, and a chart of how to wear colours that you love.



Learn about your face shape, facial lines, and why it matters when it comes to accessories.



Find out what styles and cuts best suit your body shape.

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Learn about your best lengths and your perfect proportions.

Module 6.png


Find out about your perfect prints and how to make them work harder.

Module 7.png


Get guidance and support when figuring out what to keep in you wardrobe..

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Get your personalised shopping list that you can use to work out your gaps and be on your way to building your perfect wardrobe.

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Imagine a personalised wardrobe that works hard for you...

Our Boss Babes USE the Style Science System to develop their personal style.

Ages 20s-70s
Sizes 4-26
Business & corporate leaders, health workers, artists, creatives, motivational speakers, stay at home mums, retired babes, and much more.


How much do our wardrobes cost us?

march 18 Raw Hero _MG_7862_MG_7862.jpg


That comes out to four full days every year, or six solid months between high-school graduation and retirement of doing absolutely nothing but choosing a damn shirt. The stats come from a poll by Marks & Spencer, a major U.K. retailer, so we're not exactly talking about highly scientific study parameters here. Big grain of salt aside, the idea that you might spend half of your yearly vacation days trying to match the exact shade of black in your favorite dress pants with an equally black top is a sobering thought.” Source: Allure


Let's think about this for a second:

If you got paid the new national minimum wage for your time deciding what to wear...

You’ll earn $1817.28 for those 4 days or 96 hours each year. That's $908 for the first half of the year...

Or $18,172.80 in 10 years of time lost in clothing confusion.

At least $82,913.40 from leaving secondary school to retirement.

Your wardrobe could be costing you more than that if you earn more than minimum wage.

It's priceless if you think about 96 hours / 4 full days more each year that you can spend doing the things you love, or spending time with your loved ones.

Of course you could still try to figure out a system for yourself by trial and error.

Or if you'll let me, I can help you get there faster with my proven system that's being used every day by over 800 women in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. (And we're only getting started.)


Imagine a personalised wardrobe that works hard for you...

so that every morning, you can walk  up to your wardrobe & out the door in under 5 minutes...knowing you look & feel amazing.

And even though I am making you do the work for yourself so that everything you learn stays stuck – I will be the one who lets you know in the end.

I will be watching your progress, answering your questions and celebrating right along side you as you become THE BOSS OF YOUR WARDROBE!

Play the video below for a sneak preview!

What the Boss Course does:

  • Gives you confidence in your choices
  • Hands you control over your wardrobe
  • Helps you embrace colour, because you're made up of colour!
  • Figure out your five staple wardrobe colours (best light neutral, best dark neutral, best colours to grab attention) that all work together to give you heaps of fab outfit combos! Yep, goodbye black!
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe and a shopping list to fill them (at your own pace and budget)
  • Learn stuff you don't even know you're missing...that could dramatically change not just the way you dress but that simplify your life
  • A community of smart, empowered women where you can share outfits and ask questions. Women who encourage you to be the best you can be. Who bare and share everything. Boost and build each other up. Hundreds of kind, generous besties even if you've never met them in person

Sometimes we might think it's just a wardrobe, but isn't it the first thing we go to in the morning to start your day?

It's about how we feel with what we wear during those most important moments: at an important corporate presentation, at the playground with the kids, at a 40th birthday, or that long-awaited, expensive holiday to Europe.

So instead of dreading your wardrobe in the morning, looking at all the impulse buys crammed in all corners, and thinking you have nothing to wear...or getting frustrated about what to pack for your business with pleasure trip...

With the Boss Course, you're armed with a system, a map, and a plan.

All personalised to your colour type, your shape, your features, your contrasts, your texture.

So you can walk out the door feeling confident in what you wear.  

And feeling like you.

Every. single. day.

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What's included

  • THE BOSS COURSE MODULES - short & fun videos where you'll learn all about the proven boss system

  • THE BOSS COURSE COMMUNITY - meet your new best friends & stylish shopping support group in the safest, most generous, supportive, and uplifting community of women you'll every meet.

  • THE BIG BOOK OF BOSS - a guidebook full of everything you've learned in the course, a gift when you complete the course.

  • SHOPPING LIST - a handy checklist that will help you shop your gaps and avoid unnecessary, wasted spending.

  • LIVE Q&A & Impromptu #BOSSLIVE Videos - confused about something? Nat Da Boss has the answers! Join some fun and hilarious spontaneous appearances to inspire you in your week.

  • BONUS: WEEKLY BOSS BABE CHALLENGES - to help us practice everything we've learned, or to challenge ourselves to try something new. 

  • BONUS: BOSS BABE EXCLUSIVES - get exclusive Boss log in to the Boss label, Science of Style, so you can preview and purchase days before they're released to the public.

This is an investment in yourself to become the best version of you that you can share with everyone.

Imagine the relief of not worrying about what to wear next. The time and effort you'll save shopping. The assurance that you have a system that helps you look your best and nail your outfit every time.

Confidence in your choices, fun & stylish new girlfriends,  time saved, and peace of mind? Priceless.

You don't need to reach any ideal weight.

Or wait for the ideal time. 

(We all know that sucker can fly. hehe).

You will look great and feel great without changing a single darn thing about your gorgeous self.

If you're ready to take charge of your wardrobe NOW and make this change in your life without waiting another year, another month, second...and if you're ready to leave the world of wardrobe mayhem to a world where you can feel amazing every day....choose one of the buttons below.

I can’t wait for us to be part of each other's lives soon.


I'm not going to create false urgency here.

There is no hurry. I'm not going anywhere.

But the sooner you get in, the faster your life become so much easier!


Hiring a personal stylist can set you back hundreds or thousands for only a few hours of their time.

I know this because I'm an internationally accredited personal stylist who's been in the business for over 8 years, with 27+ years experience in the fashion industry.

With Boss it's a $1657 investment where you get lifetime access to a community of hundreds of Boss Babes who help you along on your journey!

In the Boss course, you become your very own personal stylist so you know exactly what colours and cuts works for you and why. You learn how to wear them. You're in control and that's what being the Boss In Your Wardrobe is all about!

The Boss Course is not for you if...

  • you'd like to have your clothes picked out for you without your knowing why
  • you're not willing to go through the modules and the homework


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou
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A summary of what's included





  • BONUS: LIVE Q&A & Impromptu #BOSSLIVE Videos



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You're one step away to becoming the BOSS of your wardrobe!

Please choose your preferred option below.

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.
— Amelia Earhart
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  • Your Colour Type Assessment (a.k.a. "diagnosis") from me under my proprietary Boss System. So there's no more guesswork of what your colour type is in my proprietary system.
  • Individualised Colour Map of your 6 Staple Colour Palette (4 personal neutrals + 2 best colours) plus an added list of over 10 Focal Colour Palette if you want to extend your minimalist wardrobe. Learn what colours, prints and styles suit you so you can start putting the system to work in your wardrobe.
  • 8 easy, short streaming video - the longest video being 15 minutes - that walks you through the Boss Style Science System and how you can make it work for you.
  • Guidance, confirmation and support from me and the Boss Babes as you go through your modules so you get the certainty that you're doing it right.
  • Lifetime access to our private Boss online community where you can interact with me and the beautiful and generous Boss Babes anytime you need advice.
  • Bonus scheduled Q&A and impromptu live videos where you can ask me questions about the Boss system and any upcoming trends.
  • Access to archives of videos and posts that deepen your understanding of Boss learnings and teachings that you can use for life, if you want to learn more.
  • A caring, kind support team that looks after you to make sure your questions are answered, and help you finish the course.


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