The BOSS Course Modules


MODULE 1 | Your Hair, Skin, And Eyes

Ever wonder why your favourite navy shirt gets you more compliments than your beautiful black dress?

Here's a scary fact: not everyone can wear black. The little black dress they say that every woman should have is complete B.S.

In this module we’ll take a look at which of your features stands out the most and whether your skin tone is warm or cool.

You’ll understand why some colours look so wrong on you and which ones make your skin look clean, clear and glowing.

Module 2.png

Module 2 | Your Colour Code

So you bought this beautiful black leather jacket which doesn’t quite suit you. And yet you love the way it feels on you.

I’ve got good news and bad news: It’s likely that at this point, you’ve learned that you can’t wear black (not many can!).

But the good news? You can still wear it with one of your best colours!

In this module we’ll look at how colours work together, and which colours work best on you. We’ll choose one of your best focal colours, and you’ll be mixing outfits together with ease.

You’ll never have to question ‘what goes with what?’ again!

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Module 3 | Your Face Shape

Ever wonder why your V-neck sweater makes you look sexier than the boatneck top? Or why you have trouble finding the right pair of sunnies?

In this module, we’ll discuss why knowing your face shape helps determine your best neckline, best haircut, best earring shape, best handbag shape, and best necklace shape.

Yep. Your face, your facial lines and your facial features give you all the information you need so you know whether you’re naturally suited to textured fabrics and woody materials, or shiny fabrics and bling metals. The money you will save with this information on buying the right Tiffany necklace is priceless!

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Module 4 | Your Body Shape

Most of us weren’t born with all the proportionate curves, but by wearing the right outfit, you will look ravishing and perfectly proportional.

Move over, Scarlett Johansson.

In this module we’ll finally get you understanding your body shape, which most people get wrong because the mirror isn’t actually your true reflection. (What? I know, right!?)

By learning whether your shape lends towards more masculine or feminine not only helps us with the style of clothes we wear, it also helps with other important things like where to put that sentimental tattoo.

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Module 5 | Your Best Lengths

The wrong hemline can be hell and make you look out of balance. But wait, don’t chuck that lovely dress out just yet.

In this module we’re going to discuss your best hemlines and necklaces. Sometimes it’s not the skirt's fault why it doesn’t look quite right. It’s because the length of the skirt is not quite right on you.

We all have three best leg line lengths for us and sometimes it’s as simple as taking your skirt up to save it. The same goes for our necklace and arm lengths too. (This is where “The Cuff” comes in. Exciting, right?)

Module 6.png

Module 6 | Your Best Prints

Do you like stripes more than leopard or aztec prints? Or have you got a mix of everything all over the place? Or….are you scared of wearing prints at all?

In this module we’ll figure out your best prints and how to mix and match them together. When we focus on only buying our best prints, our wardrobe outfits all work together perfectly.

I’m also going to teach you how to wear other colour types that’ll go with your best print so you can pull it off with ease.

Module 7.png

Module 7 | Your Wardrobe Cull

This is the part where we sort out that dreaded wardrobe.

I'm gonna be honest, it's probably the most daunting part, but take it slow. We’re here to help if you need. It’s the moment where we get rid of the things that weigh us down and keep the items that truly make us happy. Yes, we’re still talking about clothes. ;)

In this module, you’ll be amazed by how much you have learned about yourself in the weeks leading up to this, and there may even be happy tears, so grab a glass of wine and a cheese platter because we’re going to cull the items in your wardrobe that just aren’t doing it for you anymore.

It’s a bittersweet farewell, but it’s time for them to find a happier home where they will get worn and fulfill their life’s mission. (Or so I like to think of it.)

Module 8.png

Module 8 | Your List

Eeeek! Your wardrobe is near empty and you don’t know what you need to keep yourself from walking out butt-naked!!

We got your back, babe! (Err, pun not intended.)

In this module, we’re going to learn how to build your perfect wardrobe by using your very own digital list. You will learn what’s missing from your wardrobe (the gaps needed to make your wardrobe work) and how you’re going to shop for what you need.