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The eBook that gives you the best colour pairings you’ve never thought possible.

This is the second edition to “The Real Hue” eBook, with more colours added to inspire your creativity and spice up your life - whether it is in choosing colours for your wardrobe, your home styling or for graphic applications.

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Whether you’re wondering what colour clutch or shoes to wear with your favourite dress, or what to pack for your trip to Spain, one thing’s for sure: 

The secret to amazing colour combinations is knowing the colour pairings that pop.


Brilliant Colour Combinations

an ebook that gives you the best colour pairings you’ve never thought possible.

During my Interior Styling student days there was one principle that really sparked my love for colour. The principle is, we always aim to enhance the room’s natural features. 

That means, if you’ve got a dark room, you paint it dark because that will enhance it naturally. You paint a light room light for the very same reason. 

This principle is the same for creating outfits, and the thing we should always enhance, is colour. 

You are made of colour. 

That’s right. Your skin, your hair, your eyes, and your lips are all made up of colour, so working with colour means we’re working with the best asset you have. 


When we work with your colours, you glow

By simply looking at each colour page of the eBook in front of your wardrobe, you’ll see exactly how to create a whole outfit right then and there, just by using one or more of these colour combinations. 

That amazing olive green skirt you own would love a pair of tan sandals, a bright blue shirt and a peach and charcoal print scarf. 

Just like a dark wooden dining table loves to be mixed up a lot with navy and white print fabric chairs. 

Working with colour and understanding how colours really work together will give you the freedom to be brave in all aspects of your life, wardrobe and lounge room included. 

how to use THE eBook

How to create colour pairings that pop using the Brilliant Colour Combinations ebook.

How to create colour pairings that pop using the Brilliant Colour Combinations ebook.

1. Grab an item out of your wardrobe, find the matching colour page in your ebook.

2. Using that one colour page, build the entire outfit, shoes and all, until it is complete.

3. Take a photo of the entire outfit, whether you are wearing it that day or not.

4. Keeping a style diary enables you to get dressed and out the door at a minutes notice.

5. Hang the whole outfit up in a separate place from your wardrobe ready to be worn.

6. Take note of what colours are missing in your wardrobe to go with what you own.

7. Take a selfie of the outfit on the day you actually wear it.

Repeat this sequence for every item and colour in your wardrobe. 

The same sequence can be used for choosing coordinating colours for your home, starting with a cushion or a print as the main colour and using the page in the book featuring that colour to find other colours that go with it. 

About the Author

Hi, I’m Nat Tucker!

I’m a Personal and Interior Stylist, specialising in empowering women to be the boss of their wardrobe using colour. 

Through my Make It Look Easy newsletter, my signature program ‘Be The Boss Of
Your Wardrobe
’, and my ‘Brilliant Colour Combinations eBook’ (that’s this Book right here), I’m here to shake up your approach to dressing yourself - saving you time and helping you look your best without changing who you are. 

When I’m not busy being the Boss of my own wardrobe, and coaching other women to do the same, I’m building the most amazing clothing label known to WOman! 

Yours in High Definition Colour, Nat xo 

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