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Feng Shui for the Southern Hemisphere Made Easy

Want to bring more abundance, calm and harmony into your home? Discover what you need and where to place it.

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Setting clear intentions in your career, home and within your relationships will have you living your best life.

Because it's when we work really hard at something that we achieve a successful outcome.

If we just leave things to chance and "hope" that it all turns out…

It usually won't.

That's called hope living or in my industry is even called "hope marketing" and it never goes well.

Living life on just a dream and a prayer can mean living under stress and overwhelm.

My placement for home abundance ebook will have you setting intentions in and around your home that will remind you daily why you placed that there, moved that here and removed this entirely.

The positive flow through your home of feel-good, purposely-set intentions will then have you (and your family) getting up each day and working towards those goals now set.

And yes, love and marriage is something that we all need to work on constantly and if you don't think that you need to be reminded of that - I promise you, we all do.

I count relationships in our life as the most important thing to work on and this is with our Partners, Children, Family members, Friends and Colleagues.

None of us can do this completely alone.

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.
— Seth Godin


When it comes to decorating your home using the principles of Feng Shui, it’s more important to decorate your rooms knowing which element they fall under.

It helps make life easy and the changing light flow through the home adds interest, contrast and calm or excitement.

Whether you believe in this ancient art or not, this book will show you how to bring elements into your home with intention, working with the natural light to bring harmony and balance in each room.


This placement for home abundance ebook is specific to the Southern Hemisphere (for Australia and New Zealand).

For us in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun spends its entire day in the North whereas in the Northern Hemisphere, it hangs out all day in the South (there ain’t nothing warm happening for us on the southern side of our homes, that’s for sure).

This means that the sun’s energy heats up our northern walls, it beams through our northern windows and the sun energy of Fire (Fame and Reputation) enters through our North facing front doors.

We still share an East sunrise and a West sunset but that is all. Otherwise, our days run completely the opposite.

This ebook iwalks you through the principles of Feng Shui and its application in the Southern Hemisphere.

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.
— Maya Angelou


This 30-page ebook contains text and illustrations that detail the following:

  • How to optimise the energy in the spaces inside your home

  • Attract wealth into your home or office

  • Dress your desk for success

  • When energise the corners and walls (using your inside your room map)

  • The best place to put plant or wooden elements

  • How to create themes in each room using natural light

  • The go-to element that will always make you feel good, a fall back on those times you get confused

  • How to define sections in every room

  • The elements, colours and objects involved in setting up your home for abundance and wellbeing

  • 3 places in your room that an object can go to harm or rejuvenate an element

  • Learn about the 5 elements for wellbeing in our homes and the element we should strengthen the most

All this and so much more!

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