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In the last lesson we've covered two key elements to building a perfect wardrobe.

The What and the How: what to look for in classic styles that form the base of your wardrobe, and how to wear them to suit our shape!

And how a simple 2-minute trick gives you a great silhouette! If you missed it, click here.

I hope you can see that the perfect wardrobe is not about building a massive wardrobe. Or a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

It's not about having the perfect shape or size.

So what's the perfect wardrobe? It's the one that works hard for YOU.

It starts by knowing 1) what works hard and 2) how to make it work hard.

It’s perfect only when it gets the job done and takes you anywhere life takes you. Outfits that take us from that board meeting to brunch with the girls, taking kids to the park or the cinemas, from food shopping to a formal gala event.


We can make anything you love work for you and your lifestyle.

Jeans, joggers, chinos, even the controversial drop crotch pants.

I'm here to show you how to find your own style. What works for YOU.

Timeless, trendy, romantic or edgy. We can make anything work for you and your unique personality - all you have to do is let me.

When you complete this mini course, you’ll understand what to look for and how to put things together. You’ll learn tips to help you work out what’s timeless and trendy so you can make confident choices for yourself.

Most trends, like the Drop crotch pants, are not flattering.

That’s because they don't follow the leg line which is what classic styles do. I wear them because they're fun, comfortable, and suits my casual lifestyle and personal style. When you run around town most days when shopping for clients, comfort and freedom of movement is what I want so I can grab what I need fast. I use the tuck and cuff and a tailored shirt or a blazer to look more put together.

It's not about dressing for anyone else.

or look better than EVERYONE else.

It's about using clothes with intention, a way to express ourselves and how we want to show up in the world.

As women we get judged a bit, but knowing what works, you can OWN your style and wear what you like, maybe even have a bit more fun and dip into trends with more confidence. Why not, right?

Whether you’re into fashion or not, we all know that clothes can have a massive impact in our lives (not to mention our wallets).

There’s even studies and research about “enclothed cognition” and how clothes affect our mindset...but I won't bore you with that.

Just think about the last time that you:

  • dressed up and how good it felt. All that time obsessing (hours, days, or even months) about what to wear for that big event was worth it

  • made up an excuse not to go because you didn't have time to figure out what to wear or couldn’t be bothered to do it all over again

  • ended up going but felt self-conscious all night, feeling uncomfortable and worrying about a wardrobe malfunction

I get it because I’ve been in all three situations.

Our natural instinct is to buy something new.

Thinking it would be the answer to our prayers. You’ve probably already accepted this as a way of life as a woman. I know I did!

You might have also nailed your work wardrobe, but have trouble dressing down for casual events. That’s no wonder because there’s confusing fashion advice out there! Most of it trying to get us to spend more instead of looking out for our best interests.


We also don’t need two separate wardrobes.

We don’t need to keep adding unnecessary stuff in our lives. The good news is now that we’ve found each other, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore!

Imagine getting dressed at a moment's notice because you won’t even have to think about it, and nailing it every time. That's what I want for you too. Every woman deserves it. You deserve it.

We do this by making our clothes work harder for us.

Now here’s an example: the classic shirt. If I work in corporate, or want to dress up my shirt for a function or a board meeting, I would swap the pants with a skirt. This adds balance. To me, there's nothing sexier than a masculine shirt paired with a feminine skirt. It's one of my favourite looks.

What if you're not into skirts but still want to feel feminine?

This is where styling principles come in to add balance. A simple way to do this is with accessories. This is where the street sneakers go, and the high heels come in. Or we can add the feminine touch with a delicate necklace or dressy shorts.

You can even dress it up for a function with a statement necklace!

Nat shirt travel.jpeg
Nat shirt  statement necklace heels.jpeg

Want to know what else you can use necklaces for? Let’s check out our next lesson below!

Lesson 2

How To Create Curve and Your Perfect Neckline with Necklaces

You probably have a few of these lying around. Bought them at the shop and worn for two minutes because every time you put it on they don't feel right.

That's why in this lesson I want to show you the science behind necklaces, so they can work harder for you. And a bonus?

They can make tops harder for you too.

By knowing how to make our clothes work harder, our wardrobe gets smaller, culling gets easier, there’s less guilt over unworn clothes, and less stress all around!

Most of all, you’ll feel more confident making choices that’s right for you. 👊 Drop crotch pants are optional. ;)

Nat xo


Watch the video below to find out how necklaces create your perfect neckline and add more curve!

Video not playing? Please refresh the page, try a different device, or click here to watch directly on Facebook.


Grab one of your necklaces and have a play. If it's not the right length, try swapping out the chains! You can also lengthen it by getting an extender, or get creative with a piece of leather string!


more Styling tips to get your necklaces working harder


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