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Once upon a time…I believed the myth that black went with everything and suited everyone. And that warm tones in blonde hair was great.

So I dressed in black…and had warm blonde hair.

Here’s a photo to show you:

Back in 2009, I thought black and warm blonde hair suited me.

Back in 2009, I thought black and warm blonde hair suited me.

Don’t you think the cool hair now suits me better?

When you have cool skin, anything warm next to our face will make us look blotchy. That includes our hair!

Welcome to our next lesson: Your best colours.

I hope you're enjoying the ride so far, and you can see how getting dressed gets easier and faster.


You now know that we're not about hiding flaws.

It's about working with what we've got and making our clothes work harder. And how to make it work harder for YOU.

You now have four elements to winning in your wardrobe instead of going to war with it:

  • what to look for that will become the base of your wardrobe

  • how to create a silhouette that suits your shape - any shape!

  • how to get our clothes to work harder by dressing them up and down

  • the simple formula that creates winning outfits every time with LDCP

In the past lesson we've learned that colour adds life to an outfit. Maybe like me, black makes your skin look blotchy or that yellow makes you look sick (in a good or bad way). Maybe you know that blue is your go-to colour that gets you compliments even if you haven't had a wink of sleep.

Nat street ripped jeans.jpg

The problem now is that there's millions of colours out there. So many different shades and hues. How do you know which ones will work the hardest for you? How many do you really need to build that perfect wardrobe for you?

This lesson is where the rubber meets the road.

I want to introduce you to the best, hardest working wardrobe you'll ever find anywhere: The Boss Wardrobe.

It's the wardrobe to rule them all. The boss of all wardrobes.

In the Boss Wardrobe, there's only 6 staple colours: 4 neutrals and 2 best colours.

Not just any neutrals or colours, but they are YOUR best neutrals and colours. Colours that make your skin sing and your eyes pop. So you can walk out the door without makeup and know you won’t look washed out if you bump into someone you know. Which ALWAYS happens when we don’t look our best, but with your Boss colours you’ll never have to worry about that again.

They form the base of your wardrobe. Instead of 6 black pants - you just need one of each of your 6 Boss colours. Your Boss Colours all work together, that you can mix and match to create hundreds of combinations that doesn’t get boring. And because you know they’re in your best colours, you’ll be walking out the door feeling your best too.


Your perfect Boss wardrobe starts with the colour of your skin.

Your skin holds the key to what colours are going to make you look amazing. You might already know one or two.

When you know your colour type, it’s easier to shop because you’ll know whether you suit pastels, bold or vibrant hues, or spicy shades.

You’ll learn whether you suit wearing neutrals or heaps of colour.

No more trial and error and wondering why certain colours make you glow, while others make you look like you’ve had one too many glasses of wine the night before.

Soon, your wardrobe will be filled with a beautiful range of colours that both suit you and look good together!

And because you’ll only have the colours that suit you...

  • getting dressed becomes a breeze with a mix and match wardrobe

  • you can get out the door at a moment’s notice because makeup becomes optional when you wear colours that don’t wash you out

  • you’ll walk out the door feeling so confident and in control, that the only thing left to do is enjoy your time with your loved ones!


This is not based on traditional “seasons” or colour analysis.

I learned about this traditional method in my studies to become an internationally accredited stylist. Maybe you’ve heard of “seasons”, “colour analysis”, “colour diagnosis” or even had your “colours done” before, like my other clients.

But after studying colour like a science, I started to develop what Hunky calls “mutant eyes”. I know that sounds like science fiction, but all that means is that my eyes are trained from working with thousands of women throughout my career in retail and styling...not to mention hours of people watching and hundreds of pages of notes.

I didn’t see seasons, and the colours from the traditional system didn’t work for me or my clients.

I started seeing undertones differently…I saw that there’s clues beyond undertones, and that it’s based on their dominant genetic features. That’s why I can tell colour types online, even with blurry photos.

When Make It Look Easy was once Defined Image

When Make It Look Easy was once Defined Image

This led me to create my very own system with four colour types: Eyes, Vibrant, Creative and Hair.

Your perfect wardrobe is based on your genes and not “seasons”.

When I said it’s based on science, the science of you…I wasn’t kidding.

And it all starts with Wearing Your Skin Colour.

Lesson 4


I hope by now you can see how having a system simplifies your wardrobe and makes it so easy to get dressed!

In this video, you'll find out about the four skin colours in the Style Science System.

Your skin colour is one of the base, best colours you need in your wardrobe.

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Grab some scarves or pieces of clothing, hold them next to your face and take some photos!



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What are your biggest lightbulb moments? I'd love to know!


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