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Busting Myths & Building YOUR BOSS WARDROBE



In the past lessons we’ve covered:

  • what shapes to look for that will become the base of your wardrobe

  • how to create a silhouette that suits your shape - any shape!

  • how to style our clothes so they work harder by dressing them up and down

  • the simple styling formula that creates winning outfits every time with LDCP

  • how your best shades - neutrals and colours are based on the colour of your skin

That completes the three keys to the perfect wardrobe: Silhouette, Styling and Shades.

This gives you a mix-and-match wardrobe with so many combinations, you don’t even have to repeat any colour! What’s wrong with repeating colour, you ask? Now this brings us to our next lesson…


I'm not repeating myself again (and why not repeating colour creates a more interesting outfit)

I would like to talk about the effect of not repeating a colour in an outfit and see if the samples below here help bring it home for you too.

Here we go.

These photos below were taken only 2 years apart from each other. The one on the left was when I was using my Light, Dark, Colour and a Print system (which is a super awesome system) and I was framing my light dress with a dark shoe But...

I was repeating the colour in my scarf back down again in my shoe giving you two places to look at, at one time instead of allowing you to just look around and enjoy my entire outfit.



Having the whole ensemble on the right below not repeat a colour gives your eyes a chance to look around and then see me rather than struggling to flip back and forward on the repeating colour (first outfit) which actually compacts the whole outfit (and me).


I would also give you some examples of another "Boss Babe", Belinda Turner who has been in the Boss Course for over 3 years now so is simply nailing her wardrobe on a daily basis.

Let's have a look at Belinda's already awesome outfits and watch how much "smoother" they have become with my "no repeating a colour rule" today.



The black of the jeans and the white of the street sneaker have both been repeated in the scarf with the photo on the left but there is no repping to be seen on the right. Not repeating a colour adds visual height.

Let's have a look at another one.



The white from the scarf has been repeated again with the white street sneaker while the outfit on the right is very free and easy to look at. Extremely stylish while still using my "Light, Dark, Colour and a Print" system.

And just because we can never really get enough inspiration for outfits, here is one more of me.



My red jumper repeats the red in my boots but check out how awesome the outfit on the right looks with not one single repetition in sight.


how it all works with SHOES

Now that we’ve busted that myth on matching and repeating colour, let’s bust another one:

Matching your footwear with colours in your outfit, especially the colour of pants so that it elongates your leg! The problem?

You’d have a longer leg, but then you’d virtually have no feet! This is completely unnatural and takes you out of proportion.

That’s why in the Boss wardrobe, we use shoes to add more impact and to frame the rest of our outfits and our body.

Watch the videos below as I explain more.


Congratulations! You’ve just completed the mini course!

Just with these lessons you’re on your way to building a more hardworking wardrobe.

But our journey together doesn’t have to end here.

If you’re ready to learn more from me with my personal guidance, click the button below.

What are your biggest lightbulb moments? I'd love to know!


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