you've gotta love a good BEFORE & AFTER.

8 years ago I was lost.

I always felt self-conscious when deciding what to wear. I was always worried that I looked fat and frumpy, and I didn’t have the confidence to pick the right clothes. But it wasn’t just that. The gaps in my wardrobe made me so frustrated, and quite sad. I just knew I could look better, but I had no idea how.

Despite this struggle, now I look awesome, and better yet, I feel awesome. I’m confident every single time I choose an outfit and I know for a fact that I’m dressing like the best version of myself.

The funny thing is, I’m actually eleven kilos heavier than I was, but I look WAY better!

You've gotta love a good before & after.

You've gotta love a good before & after.

It’s likely you have the same problem I had or perhaps you can relate to it.

Another Before & After

Something as simple as learning which kind of blonde suited me changed my life!

Something as simple as learning which kind of blonde suited me changed my life!

We all just want to look good, right now - in this moment, no matter how big, small, old or young we are. We are all busy and just need to get out of that door fast - while still looking amazing of course!

I always thought that I had to be thin to look good in clothes.

8 years ago, I ran for forty five minutes every day, worked out at the gym 4 times a week, dropped protein shakes like they were hot, and I hardly ate anything through fear of putting on weight.

It was hard enough to get dressed and I was a tiny size 6 with all the choice in the world for clothes, I wondered "how can I keep this up forever"? What will happen when I hit 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years old and can’t run daily anymore?!


Being taught that your shoe should always be the same colour as your hemline to lengthen your legs.

OH BROTHER! I don't even know how this one came about.

In actual fact our foot is not part of our leg and we shouldn't try to blend them in together. Our shoes need to become a frame (a separate item that stands alone), rather than be made to disappear into our legs (and then the ground).


I was one of those who was convinced, through clever marketing and style guides, that boot leg jeans were a good idea and made you look thinner and taller. What a mistake that was! It took me a few years to cotton on to the fact that a tapered leg will always lengthen and slim down any leg line... if only I took the time to really take notice of this while I was actually selling jeans in a retail store!


Do you remember the old style rule of making sure that you wear a tight top when you have loose bottoms?

This worked for me when I was a size 6 and I worked out every day, but it didn’t take long before it stopped working (just add age, cheese and wine). I had to come up with another way of not showing off my lumps and bumps.

That’s where my buying looser tops and giving them a bit of a tuck came into play as it actually put my belly in the shade.

It was only once I had blown these three well known "myths" out of the water that I began my mission to find a better way of getting dressed and I decided that what you wear is way more important than the calories you cut.

I have now created many other systems to create your perfect wardrobe which are so easy to apply.

All because once upon a time, I lacked confidence in what I was wearing. I needed to solve this problem because I wanted to live in a world where I could wake up and walk into my closet with total confidence and, at the end of the day, feel HAPPY!

I can help you live in this world. You CAN learn to dress like the best version of yourself. You CAN be happy. You CAN look better than you have (ever) and feel completely confident when doing so and I’m going to show you how.

Nat xo