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Thrilled to have you here gorgeous! This page has a collection of all my videos so that they're all in one place!

What you'll learn on this page:

  • There are 4 main skin undertones: peach, pink, blue, and orange...and each colour type suits a different set of colours.

  • Light, Dark, Colour and Print (LDCP) elements in an outfit brings it to another level.

  • In the perfect wardrobe you need a Light, a Dark, a Colour and a Print in each item (so you can cull everything else)

  • Repeating colour, like matching your shoes and your handbag does not do you any favours (at least not in this day and age)

  • Tucking, flouncing and cuffing brings a curve that enhances your proportions, no matter what shape or size you are

  • The rule of thirds turns you from fridge to fab

  • Shoes are meant to frame your leg (and outfit), not make it look longer

  • Necklace lengths have a purpose, not just a manufacturer’s whim