Finding My Style: Being The Boss of My Own Wardrobe

For me, the biggest change has been my increase in confidence and acceptance of who I am and my own style. That is HUGE. I’ve also gotten rid of the MANY outfits that made me look 4 months pregnant. Note: empire lines and floaty waisted outfits only make things worse, ladies! Learn to tuck and flounce and you’ll never look back (you’ll notice lots of tucking in my most recent pics). — Kylie Gardner, Octavia & Vicky

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The Glenelg Surf Club played host to the launch of style guru Nat Tucker‘s new and exciting clothing line, Science of Style. Nat Tucker is the co-founder and director of Make It Look Easy, a website which offers an online ‘Boss Course’ created to help women form a positive relationship with their wardrobes. Since its initiation, there are over 500 women part of Nat’s ‘Boss Babe Tribe’, who connect and support each other throughout their personal fashion journeys.

“The Boss Babes are at the heart of the Science of Style label, and every item is named after a woman in my tribe,” says Nat.

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