April 2016

you've gotta love a good BEFORE & AFTER.

The story

I always felt that I had to be thin to look good in clothes.

9 years ago, I ran for forty five minutes every day, worked out at the gym 4 times a week, dropped protein shakes like they were hot, and I hardly ate anything through fear of putting on weight.

It was hard enough to get dressed and I was a tiny size 6 with all the choice in the world for clothes, I wondered "how can I keep this up forever"? What will happen when I hit 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years old and can’t run daily anymore?!

I had to find another way to make my clothes look good on me.

I needed to start to feel to good about who I was right now and I wanted to be able to look forward to who I was to become in the future. Not only for me but for my Family too. 

No weight loss needed, no gym membership required, at any age and no matter how busy I was.

So I set about making that happen and happen it did.

I am now 11 kilos heavier than I was back then but I look way better! Today I look awesome, and better yet, I feel awesome. I’m confident every single time I choose an outfit and I know for a fact that I’m dressing like the best version of myself.

At now 46 years of age, I really am living my best life and I am fortunate to spend my days helping other Women do the exact same thing for themselves.

Another Before & After

Something as simple as learning which kind of blonde actually suited my skin tone changed my life!

Once I had created the systems that had me easily conquering my very own wardrobe, I couldn't help but spend my days teaching an online program that would have others becoming the Boss of their wardrobes too.

Which then lead to my designing an Australian-made clothing label (science of style) that would fill the gaps even further making sure everyone had everything they ever needed to thrive.

After all, we all just want to look good, right now - in this moment, no matter how big, small, old or young we are. We are all busy and just need to get out of that door fast - while still looking amazing of course!

Nat xo