Blazers - which colours will work hardest for you


If you have light hair, grab yourself a light blazer to flow with your casual look.

A light blazer won't stand out in contrast against your light hair meaning that the details you are wearing will be the feature rather than the depth of contrast of your blazer.

Then grab yourself a dark blazer to stand out in-depth against your light hair, this give you a more 'don't mess with me' much stronger look.

This means that you only really need two colours (or depths when you call it as it really is).

Then vice versa for those of you with dark but you still need the two in order to nail that amazing wardrobe.

By now you are probably yelling at me "But hey Nat I have red hair, what about me?".

Well hello there miss fiery red-head....(just kidding of course).

Even if your hair is red or you colour it another fabulous colour like blue, it will still be either more on the dark or the light side, it really is just a matter or taking a photo of you wearing both and see which one behaves as your casual or your more formal.

And another tip

If you have coloured hair (as in red, orange, blue, green etc.) you will find that your outfits require (and really do love) more colour too.

Once you have found the two perfect blazers for you in both light and dark, don't be afraid to delve into a print one too (but only once you have acquired those two first).

Nat xo