Scarf colours to bring out your eyes

I have olive green eyes that kind of change into sage when I am grumpy and turn bright green when I am excited but most of the time they are just a nice subtle olive green.


When it comes to wanting your eyes to stand out by using fabric like a scarf, you can work in contrast with where your eye colour sits on the colour wheel - just head for the colour that sits opposite for impact.

The colour directly opposite green on the colour wheel (my eye colour) is red and the added bonus here is that I have cool pink skin (a washed down version of red).

Red looks great against pink too as it blends and creates an even skin tone (winning!).

But there is still so much more to colour than just wearing it's opposite for impact, you see the colour gold simply loves and adores olive green as does peach and then there is also light grey too.

There are actually quite a few colours that mean the very most when making olive green eyes stand out.

White - Gold - Bright red - Pink - Peach - Orange - Tan - Mahogany - Light grey - bright blue - Charcoal

You can see how it does go much deeper than just using the colour wheel.

Nat's eyes
Nat's eyes

I have olive green eyes most of the time, sage green sometimes (I use the hazel eyes chart here) and then emerald green eyes sometimes too (when I am being joyful).

The number one colour in common with all three of these eye colours is gold (and bright yellow in emerald) and then secondly is tan of which I swap out for burnished gold (a goldish cooler toned tan).

All of us are so unique and it is fun having eyes that change colour depending on my mood, do yours too?

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Nat xo