Choosing a Head Piece for Race Day is so hard! Not anymore!

This post is all about Race wear. After all, it is the season and quite often the reason us ladies actually manage to relax and get to dress up and have a lot of fun.

Personally, I have no clue about horses but I am indeed an expert in tossing back the bubbles as I watch others that do know what they are doing (I even try to slap them on the back in congratulations but I quite often miss their back and watch as my leg gives way beneath me under my open palm return... nothing like a good self thigh slap I reckon).

BUT right now let's chat Race Wear and the importance of NOT picking out a colour in your dress or shoes to match your fascinator.

NO! Let your head piece be a drawing card, your signature, a full stop at the end of whatever it is you are trying to say.

Make them STAND UP AND TAKE NOTICE! or at the very least when you stand up - they notice.



Both the fascinator and the cocktail hat are best worn with a dress for the races. If you choose to wear a two piece skirt suit, you should be looking for a racing hat instead.

BUT the most important thing of all - having at least something on your head. NEVER EVER turn up headless!

Find a dress you love (hardest item to find, as it is like picking a lounge suite) then find the head piece by making sure none of the colours are in the dress and then pick your shoes as they are the easiest item (like a lamp - so many choices).

Race Day Head Wear or Fascinators.PNG

Your headwear should be a stand out so try not to repeat the colour again in your dress or shoes.

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