Off-the-shoulder Tops and Gladiators!

I have had a few people ask me lately if it is still worth investing in the off-the-shoulder trend because I first mentioned it a couple of years ago. They were a little worried that it may be "old news" for this Summer.

Go for it and have some fun! The off-the-shoulder trend is still hot!

If you are not into off-the-shoulder you can always give the cut out shoulder a go.

Gladiator sandals will still be going strong this Spring/Summer so if you haven't dived in yet, you may like to think about it.

Oh, and these tops pictured would look way better if they were tucked... but you knew I was going to say that right?! :)


In the meantime, you can have a look at a few tips on Summer outfits here:



Working with my Light, Dark, Colour and Print theory, the white sandal in the second outfit would be both the light and the print but if you added the three bracelets to the outfit, the bracelets would become the stronger print taking the sandal back to just being the light.

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