Find out what colours suit you through the colour of your eyes

Isn't it frustrating when you are standing there looking at a clothes rack trying to work out which item to grab to try on when someone leans in RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and grabs exactly what you were looking at?

I know, right? How rude.

But I guess they had one thing going for them that you didn't have. They were committed, knew what to grab and this for them took only seconds to do.

How about you become more stealth like, too?

You can do this by knowing which kind of color suits you straight off without messing around wasting time on trying them all.

It's all in your eyes.

If your eyes are bright and clear, you suit brighter greens and if your eyes are more cloudy (I call it dirty), then you suit more go away greens like sage for instance.

I have dirty green eyes (of which I love) so you will see by the photos below just which kind of green I collect everything in.

wearing muted dirty greens with skirt and jeans.jpg


Watch this video to give you even more of a clue:


If you were wanting to play with the colour even more once you get it home - as in know exactly what other colours they go with, you should grab my colour e-book "The real Hue", it will have you creating outfits with everything you own like a BOSS!

Have you noticed already just which kind of green suits you?

For more tips on how to put your outfit together, check out this free e-book on how to layer your clothes using the rule of three.