Thongs! (The kind you wear on your feet) - which colour should you choose?

Now I don't wear thongs very often, I am much more of a "shoe" person but I do know that a lot of you just live in thongs (flip flops, jandals...etc.)

When I do wear thongs it is because I am going down to the beach, walking around (someone else's) swimming pool or watering the garden.

I don't want them to be a feature that frames my outfit, I want them to not actually mess too much with what I am wearing at all.

So I always go for a natural metal of gold so that they disappear against my gloriously tanned legs (well for 3 months of the year at least).

You could also go a silver if you are rocking a tan as it gives a slight contrast against the more orangey colour that a natural tan gives.

But if you don't tan at all and like to stay right out of the Sun, I suggest going for a dark brown or black so as to add a good dose of mascara for interest (eye focus away for the pale legs).

I explain more about that in this video:

One more thing to consider are sandals.

Are you someone who tends to wear a print something every day in Summer?

If you are, well then a print sandal would be useless for you and your money would be best spent elsewhere.


But if you tend to wear more plain pieces in Summer, (like the bottom right picture above) - then a print sandal is a must!

LIGHT, DARK, COLOUR AND A PRINT makes the perfect outfit.

Light and dark together in an outfit gives contrast = Impact.

Colour adds the fun = Makes you more approachable.

Print is the feature = Directs the eye.

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Nat xo