Hats and What Colour Works Best For You

Getting ready for hat weather is easy when you have me here showing you what you already know to be true.

You see we often know the reason for things ourselves but it is only when someone we trust (who knows their stuff - right?) explains it to us in detail while giving us a guide to check back in on, does it become crystal clear.

It really is for this reason that the Boss Course is so successful.

I say it, you listen, you act on it physically, I watch you do it and give you the final resolution, you then submit a worksheet of your answers and I give you an e-book in response with everything you just learnt in picture and easy note form.

Phew.... now that was a mouthful.

So why am I am telling you this? Well, first of all, I would like you to watch and listen to this video on hats:


But if you are pressed for time right now, just go straight to this hats guide and learn from just looking.

Hat colours.PNG


A dark hat to contrast against my light hair and a light one to blend.

A sage green cap that disappears and a light grey cap that doesn't interfere with any other colour that I may be wearing.


Now you may be asking what the heck is a "go away green"? This is a green that disappears into your surroundings and blends into the natural world around you (part of nature) rather than adds any oompf or substance to your outfit. No-one will notice a sage green cap.

So if you are looking to wear a hat for messy hair days or actual sun smart cleverness - sage green is your man.

Light Grey Hat colour blends with outfit.PNG


A light grey hat will still stand out but won't compete with anything else you are wearing that is coloured.


I find that owning both a light and a dark hat gives me fabulous room to play depending on what I am wearing but some people could easily get away with owning only one.