Shorts, The Right Lengths, and A Little Lesson on Colour

The weather has warmed up and it is now time to take a real hard look at what is missing from your wardrobe.

Well, you know that I swear by my system of Light, Dark, Colour and a Print and owning each of these elements in your shorts, tank and tees will mean that you always have an easy outfit to wear.

You can watch my rundown of how your shorts will work with everything else you own here:

Well, while in that topic, I thought it would be fun to check out my legs - I mean look at the lines on our legs by using mine as an example.

Outfit Light Pink Shirt Ripped Denim Shorts.jpg

This one of my favourite looks (when it isn't stinking hot) is having your arms covered when your legs are out.

Denim shorts are such a staple in any wardrobe, they go with everything - just like floorboards.

But just like floorboards, the colour does matter, it matters a great deal.

So which level of blue should you choose?

If you mainly own white, nude or light tan sandals, you should consider a dark denim and if you mainly own black, dark brown or dark tan sandals - head for light denim but of course medium tan sandals will work with both.

I have also listed the colour tops that will go with each level of denim in this video.

Whenever possible, it is best to have your shorts, or skirts and dresses finish on the line right at the bottom of your thigh muscle or just above if you are game, like my second photo (I was feeling a little brave after a few champagnes here).

Best Skirt and Shorts Length.png


The key is to keep the bottom fabric hem as far away from your knees as you can with the bottom thigh muscle line being far enough.

Unless of course you have amazing knees that you love to have as the focus of attention because the closer the fabric to your knees, the more attention will be drawn there.

The next line to hit up on your leg is the one just below your knee where the curve comes in.

So if you are someone who doesn't like wearing anything short, aim for that sweet spot just below your knee instead.
While you are looking at the picture above, can you tell the difference between my olive green shorts and my sage green skirt?


Olive Green and Sage Green.png

Both of these greens work with light grey so it easy for me to make them work extra hard in my wardrobe, they both also work with sky and light blue (you know I have a lot of those colours in tops) so when it came to choosing shorts and a skirt, this made that choice very easy.

Have you noticed a theme to a certain colour in tops that you tend to collect?

Have you been using my "Hue Colour e-book" to work out which colour shorts and skirts you should be focusing on?