How to Choose a Fitbit Colour That's Perfect for You and Your Wardrobe

My Son sat down at the desk next to me last week just as I was loading up this weeks video.

He turns to me, looks at me kind of strangely and asks "did someone actually request this topic or did you just randomly think it was a good idea?

My response.

"Chase, I have received over a dozen emails asking me to touch on this topic, so yes, it was requested".... as I blew a raspberry in his direction.

"Mum, I was just going to give you a compliment as it is so on the money right now, who would have thought it was something to think about but yet, it really is, well done to you".

"Gosh - thanks Son".

So there you go. I am feeling a little chuffed right now I must say. A lovely compliment from a loved one does that, don't you agree? :)

But back to the subject at hand. How to pick the perfect fitbit colour for you and your wardrobe.

Now - Let me explain.

For me personally, I know that I have pink skin. So working back from there I go to my Hue e book and look at all of the colours that go with pink.

And then choose one of the colours that suits pink and suits me, But I don't actually own in my wardrobe.


Choosing the best Fitbit colour that suits me

Granted it is a little easier for me as I do have my list of "best colours for me" and what goes best with those (but you can still do this just from looking at your current clothes hanging in your wardrobe right now).

And as you can see below, my HUE E BOOK which works for everybody does match up perfectly with my BIG BOOK OF BOSS (which you receive when completing The Boss Coursewhich works for me personally as a hair colour type.

So my winner as a fitbit colour would be burgundy.

Do you think that you can go away now, look in your wardrobe, use my Hue e book and find yourself your winner too?

I reckon you can.

And here's a very short video to help you even more, watch the video below:

This may produce that lightbulb moment where you say “OMG, of course. Choose a colour I love, that loves me but I don't normally wear!”

Let me know by pressing leaving a comment if it does.

Nat xo