Denim is like Floorboards - It Goes with Everything... (but different floorboard colours suit different home furnishing. 👖)


Denim goes with everything.

Including more denim.

Also known as double denim...

Double Denim.jpg

or even triple denim.

Triple Denim.jpg

But seeing that floorboards actually do venture off into many different wood colour ranges, it does help to work out which exact colour yours are.

Floor - Deep Peach.jpg

The floor boards in our new house are a Deep Peach.

So with the help of my Brilliant colour combinations e book, it was easy to not only work this out but also to work out which colour rug, couch and coffee table colour I should choose.

By knowing that my lounge room and the kids bedrooms throw deep peach due to our floorboards, helped me to know which colours to calm and which ones to enhance.

The rest of our house however is in a cream polished stone and they but up against each other with a very sharp jolt.



The colour that both Deep peach and Cream have in common that just loves them is Seafoam.

So seafoam is one of the main colours that I use to bring both sides of our house together as one.

I then use the Seafoam colour page in my Brilliant Colour Combinations e book  to decorate with even more colours that flow.

Colours that go with Cream.jpg

If you haven't already been using your Brilliant colour combinations e book to do this - I highly recommend that you do so.

Why leave choosing colours that go best together to chance when you can actually just nail it first and every time.

Go and be awesome while you BUY LESS & LIVE MORE.

Nat xo

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