How to create a vignette

Do you even know what a vignette is? No!  Well I don't blame you at all,  it really isn't a word that we just throw around in general conversation now is it. A vignette (pronounced vin-yet) is an effective design grouping on its own stage like a side table, dresser or as my picture shows above, a hall stand.

It is a grouping of items that can tell a story about you, what you love, what inspires you or even where you have been.

Vignette 1st
Vignette 1st

My chill out space

My vignette on your left (above picture) consists of two of my favourite inspiration boards along with my reading light.

The vignette on your right is all about the beach (collection of shells and driftwood contained inside the glass vessel), freedom (bird with wings), owl (knowledge), nest (reminding me to always return home), books of peaceful homes and interior design (perfect for adjusting the height of my chosen items) and an Italian vespa print for some travel inspiration (I also have a huge world globe hanging from my ceiling but more on that later)..

So what are the rules or let's say guidelines to creating your very own unique vignette? Now let's is all about the tick!

vignette 2
vignette 2

It's all about the tick

Using the form of the tick as a guide to creating your vignette will have you feeling balanced and confident. Just like the tick starts low, then goes lower before heading up high again, that's all that you need to do, easy. You can continue to layer from behind if you like or just use the three items that from the three points of a tick, it is all up to you.

vignette 3
vignette 3

You can go on and on and on if you like

The tick can go back to front, it doesn't have to just go one way and you can continue the tick with each new grouping (vignette) you create.

What do you reckon? sounds pretty easy doesn't it? Are you going to give it a try?

Let me know if you do.

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Nat xo