My curly hair routine

I have very fine curly hair which consists of uneven frizzy bits of hair strands that just don't really like coming together at all, my curls would rather fly up and away into the air trying to grab moisture from the environment. I use two products mixed together in order to create and then keep the shape of a nice even curl in my hair.

Keaune bottles

I currently use Keune curl cream and Keune sculpting lotion to both create the curl and then hold it in place for the whole day.

Cream together

I pop about a 10 cent piece amount of each product into my hand and then rub them in together.

Tipping my head

As soon as I step out of the shower I dry off my body but I leave my hair dripping wet.

Putting it through

I flip my head over the bath and run the cream and lotion mix through my hair until the ends using my fingers only, no comb at all.


I then scrunch my curls listening for the squelch noise which means I am adding moisture into each and every curl rather than leave my hair strands looking for it themselves.

Once this is finished I flip my head back the right way and allow my hair to air dry which takes approx two hours from saturated to completely dry.

Once a week I will blow dry it after the flipping my head back up stage with a diffuser nozel only and before doing so I add a Kerastase heat protector into the lotion cream mix.

I hope this helps you curly hair girls.

Nat xo