How to cut rips into your jeans


If you are getting a little bored with your jeans or just have an old pair of which you would love to add some pizzaz, try slicing into them with a pair of scissors to create some unusual texture and strong detail.

First things first - lay your jeans down on a flat surface, I use my kitchen bench or dining table.


Grab your sharp scissors and begin at one side of the pockets (this gives you an underlay of pocket lining so as not to show those knickers).

Slice three straight lines one under the other an inch apart.

Make sure that each slice line finishes at a different length across your leg.

The first one can be two and a half inches long, the second two inches long while finishing with the third at one and a half inches long in length.


Once you finish your three slices at one of your pockets, move down the leg but on the opposite side to your current pocket slices.

Begin these slices where you would normally have your shorts hem finish (the bit of your leg that you don't mind so much).

You can slice more than three times here but keep them an inch below each other still and again at different lengths.

Only this time it may go Four inches wide, three inches wide, one inch wide, two inches wide while finishes at three inches wide (you get my drift).


Continue this onto your other leg keeping your slices staggered from each leg as you go back and forth.

You can see by these jeans above that I have chosen to attack mine six lots but it is all up to you how crazy you want to go.


Don't forget to give the back a little dose too!

I have chosen the pocket again as it has the lining and then just above the back of my knee, finishing with my calf muscle.

Four b

Once you have completed your masterpiece, be sure to rub your hands up and down over the rips to get that loose thread look happening.

They will get more and more rustic as you wash them and the rips will increase in size as you wear them.


So there you go - from the left pair to the right master piece.

Oh and yes I have two pairs of the same jeans and I love them both equally :)

Nat xo