Prints: How They Work and How to Make Them Work


Now, I have been asked to give you some guidance on how to wear prints that don't really suit you.

Yes! it can be done!

This question has been asked by someone who has been following along for a long time and knows that she suits 'creative' prints like aztec, indigenous (can't believe I spelt that one right straight off the bat) oriental, ornamental (or those two either), paisley, home made, embroidered (that one was spell checked) and hand dyed prints, so basically anything that you would find as a traveler or source from a gorgeous street market.

Even though Hayley suits those creative prints the very best, she would also like to dip her toe into the other kind of colour type prints too (it is so nice to have a change and mix things up a bit).

So Hayley (and anyone else who suits the creative colour type prints), you can in fact wear other prints as long as they are in your most awesome colours.

Make sure you look for them in spicy rich exotic florals, gold foiled stripes, and hey Hayley - why not even try a mustard and teal polka dot print tee shirt (you know you want to...he he he).

You can watch my demonstration video here: