Your children don't necessarily have the same skin tone as you

Creating the perfect wardrobe sucks - it really is a lot of hard work.

We sabotage ourselves daily by continually adding items just because they were on sale, in front of us when we needed a bit of a pick me up, or were given to us as a gift.

How great would it be if we could teach the younger generation not to do this to themselves and to just get on with living, loving and using their money to travel rather than throwing it all away in their wardrobes?

What a huge waste of money, hey! And what a crazy waste of clothing real estate space.

My generation grew up thinking the bigger the wardrobe the better. But if that was really true, I wouldn't have a thriving Business teaching people to do just the opposite.

Did you know that there are four skin colours? PINK, PEACH, ORANGE and BLUE.

I have cool pink skin, am a Hair colour type and suit low contrast dressing.

Our youngest daughter has warm skin, is a vibrant colour type and suits all contrasts.

When we visited New York, I bought myself a high contrast souvenir tee. You could never see me in this tee, you could only see the tee shirt.

Our daughter, however, has known for 8 years now that she suits stripes, polka dots and all contrasts and has been rocking this look out since then.



Notice how you can still see her face above the bold print and high contrast? You can actually see Tenley.

And below is an example of how it really doesn't look right on me and all you see is the t-shirt.

Mother daughter high contrast shirts on different skin tones.jpg


Tenley has warm peach skin (like her Father) while I have cool pink skin. Peach is pink with a dash of orange. We both look great wearing our skin colour but we also both know that we need to add little elements so that we don't look naked.

Mother daughter warm and cool skin tones.jpg


My skin colour top is in a self print with shoulder cut outs while Tenley has tied her top at the front and added a face length necklace.

I can also layer a scarf or necklace over the top of the knit because adding little touches like this means that wearing our skin colour prevents us from looking naked while putting our natural colouring in it's best light.

In this just over 3 minute video I show you how it works even more.

If you are trying to work out which colour your skin might be, start by trying on each of those 4 colours and see which one makes you look naked - HUGE TIP! make sure it's at the same level of your skin though as in light orange, lightest blue grey, light peach and light pink.

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