Statement Earrings, necklaces, and what to wear when you wear them.

I thought that it was time that I spilled the beans and showed you a little more of myself behind the scenes, (well in my actual bedroom in fact) as we take a look at my bling.

The key to having the best accessory collection is knowing when to cull the crap stuff that is getting in the way of seeing the really great stuff.

There is a bit of a knack to wearing big earrings without your whole ensemble looking kind of, well "messy".

The key is to leave as much space under the earrings as possible, meaning - show a lot more skin.

Low neck tops, off the shoulder and strapless are just perfect for clearing enough space for your "big" earrings to take pride of place.

Statement earrings also work best with your personal proportions if they sit just at or above your chin height from your ear down.

You can watch this video about statement earrings to learn even more.

Some people just prefer wearing necklaces to earrings so incase you have missed my necklace length PDF guide, you can grab your < FREE COPY HERE >.

Owning your necklaces in natural metals means that they will be harder for you day in day out and if you can make sure that you own a light metal, a dark metal and a coloured metal, you will have all bases covered.

And you can watch my how to wear two necklaces at once video here:

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