What to wear on the weekend and being your own wonderful self

My biggest tip for going out this weekend is that you don't run yourself ragged by heading to the shops right now or tomorrow morning just to grab something new that no-one has seen you in before.

And stop looking at what she is wearing and think that it will be okay on you too! That really has a lot to do with how we have got ourselves into this mess in the first place.

There really is no-one else just like you - never exactly. You will never find someone just like you.

If you spent years shopping on your own advice that suited you perfectly, you would actually own an island by now.

It is far better to wear the same amazing outfit (or one item and change it up with other items you already own), that you feel great in, over and over again than it is to been in something new just for a point of difference.

It is when we feel unsure, feel out of the loop and feel desperate for anything due to a time frame that we walk home with "whatever" but we really should know better.

weekend outfit inspiration blue sequin pants.jpg

Do you have one item that you feel super duper great in? Can you mix it up with something else that you already own because you own everything you need? How about just adding a necklace, is your collection perfect for you? Are you the BOSS of your wardrobe?

Learning our "best of's" and removing our "just sitting there's" opens our eyes to the most wonderful possibilities in our own wardrobe.

Isn't it funny though how easy it can be to remove everything you hate in your wardrobe only to find yourself filling it up again with the very same things.

It's just like marrying the same person over and over again even though you worked out how bad they were for you last time - whoops I did it again!...

Learning what works for you, why it does and how you can bring more of that into your life is a skill that you can indeed acquire and I can in fact teach it to you.

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