Street Sneakers - How Do You Wear Them?!

You're probably here thinking, "How do I wear street sneakers???"

Scary, huh? You know you want to.

You know everyone else is wearing them, but you are not convinced that you can do it, too.

Now first of all - YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

We don't all have to do what everyone else is doing - NOPE, we really don't.

But if you would like to give them a try and you think that a challenge is just what you need in your life right now - give it a go, why not!

Just start with baby steps by cuffing your jean fabric as far away from the shoe as you can.


how to wear street sneakers.png

If you are not ready to go out and buy a pair of street sneakers just yet or any boots for that matter, you may need to read my Ultimate Boots Guide first. BOOTS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!

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