What Colour To Look For In Sandals (And Why Shoe Stores Hate Me!)

Shoe stores hate me, well not really me so much as we love each other personally, but it is kind of annoying for them how many shoes are getting left in the store now that more and more people are shopping with a plan.

I, myself, am going to be grabbing a couple more pairs of tan sandals this Summer, only this time I am going for more details with ties and eyelets and other interesting things.

You see, I ended up getting quite brown on my legs last year, whereas with previous years I have always stayed lily white.

As my lifestyle changes and I am spending less time indoors and way more time outside, so does my perfect sandal.

Now, I actually need my tan to contrast off of my natural tan...lol!

So I guess what I am asking from you here is that before you go shopping, work out what it is you really need.

Black Tan Print Sandals.PNG
  1. Navy/white pattern pants
  2. Light tan sandals
  3. V-neck T-shirt
  4. Black sandals
  5. Blue print shorts
  6. Khaki skirt
  7. Tan wrap sandals
  8. Oversized T-shirt
  9. Necklace
  10. Black and white pattern sandals
  11. Chambray pants

Have a real think about what you wear mainly on your bottom half over spring and summer.

Some people wear mainly light bottoms, some dark, some mainly colour and some mainly print. Knowing to choose a sandal to contrast this saves you money and has you out of the door in seconds.

Light Dark Print Tan.PNG

You will need a light sandal to go with all of your dark and dark-based print bottoms.

A dark sandal is in order for all of your light and light-based print bottoms.

When a print sandal consists of both light and dark equally, it will go with everything as long as you are not wearing prints anywhere else.

A tan sandal is a fantastic neutral and will go with everything. Tan becomes a colour when you are not wearing colour anywhere else.


What sandals to wear.PNG


  1. Black print dress
  2. Aztec drop necklace
  3. Wine dress
  4. Silver necklace
  5. Print wrap dress
  6. Rose gold sandals
  7. Tan sandals
  8. Gold sandals

Deep darker colours or prints with a dark background love a little light lift in a sandal.

The Boss Course Ladies have a book that guides them on what to buy due to their colour type but you can always create your own little book based on what you have found to be true in your wardrobe as it is.

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