Blazers, Sandals and The Simple Staple Wardrobe System

It really makes such a difference when we stop just guessing at what we need and start applying a system, having a map and a plan ensures that we have all that we need to make our entire wardrobe work.

That's why in this post, I have added a book on jackets, blazers, necklaces, shoes, pants and a few staple tees that I feel are much needed when it comes to wardrobe gaps.

I have included a photo of myself wearing my chosen denim jacket colour as I know that it helps you when I cut through 7 years of my extreme learning so that you can just get right there quickly and today!.

Your time is valuable and it is what you are short of most of all.

Blazers and Tees.png


  1. Metallic T-shirt
  2. Ivory Blazer
  3. Navy boyfriend blazer
  4. Orange striped T-shirt
  5. Navy striped T-shirt
  6. Orange blazer
  7. Navy and white stripe blazer
  8. Ice pink T-shirt
  9. Gold sneakers
  10. Black Converse sneakers
  11. Black and white check sneakers

Blazers. One light, one dark, one colour and a print. I personally work with my skin and eye colours too.

How To Wear Denim Jackets.PNG



  1. Silver heart necklace
  2. Gold shell necklace
  3. White denim jacket
  4. Chambray bomber jacket
  5. Dark denim jacket
  6. Gold arrow necklace
  7. Light denim jacket
  8. Rose gold necklace

If you feel way too masculine wearing a denim jacket, just add a fine necklace for a big hit of feminine.

How to wear the dark denim jacket.PNG


My personal choice in a denim jacket is in a dark colour due to the fact that denim gives an overly casual feel and I have light coloured hair.

This is purely a guide only to what I do personally, but please go with what you feel works best for you.

Blazer Jacket Tees Sandals Outfit Inspiration.PNG


  1. Floral bomber
  2. Grey T-shirt
  3. Navy jacket
  4. Striped T-shirt
  5. Chambray pants
  6. War paint pants
  7. Mustard sandals
  8. Tan sandals

If you need anything from me and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.