Which colour eyeshadow should I choose for my eye colour?

Our eyes are the windows to our souls so it makes sense that we want to dress them in the most flattering way possible.

It isn't just a matter of which colour you happen to love at the moment, there really is more to it than that.

So let's have a look shall we.

LIGHT BLUE eyes love gold, yellow, mustard, pink, grey and taupe Eyeshadow

And brown-black, charcoal and navy mascara.

EMERALD GREEN eyes love gold, yellow, vanilla, pink and grey Eyeshadow

And charcoal, navy and black mascara.

BROWN eyes love vanilla, blues, pink and blue-green Eyeshadow

And Black, navy and charcoal mascara.

BRIGHT BLUE eyes love dark taupe, pink, peach, green and purpleEyeshadow

And brown-black and black mascara.

OLIVE GREEN eyes love vanilla, gold, pink, dark taupe and bright blue Eyeshadow

And brown-black  and charcoal mascara.

HAZEL eyes love vanilla, gold, pink, green and dark taupe Eyeshadow

And brown-black and purple mascara.

Eye shadow to eye colour branded
Eye shadow to eye colour branded

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Nat xo