Which colour denim shorts should you choose?

If you shop with a system, a list and a plan,  you will have your entire wardrobe completely nailed and will find yourself sitting back loving yourself sick - no joking! Venturing into the shops knowing what coloured tops and which kind of shoes you already have at home really does make life so easy.

It is actually the difference between a ten minute relaxed smiley shop and a 'pull your hair out still not sure 3 hour shop but need to just grab something even anything at this stage, go home and have a glass of wine' experience.

So which colour denim should you choose for yourself personally?

Let's have a look shall we.

You may also find these colour tiles below helpful to download onto your phone, iPad or desktop just to keep you focused on your mission.

Light denim goes with...

Light denim

Medium denim goes with...

Medium denim blue

Dark denim goes with...

Dark denim

Which one suits your wardrobe the best?

Remember - 'keep your wardrobe small and wear it all'.

Nat xo