Which toe nail colour works best for you?

Everyone has a toe nail colour that works best for them (just like lipstick) and it is all to do with skin tone, contrast, how many colours you can pull off wearing all at once and then how all of this works back with the clothes in your wardrobe (or should ideally have in there...it is a work in progress of course).

Did you know that there are even some of us who look better without any colour on our toes at all - I know! - shock, horror!

Those that walk amongst us (no feet pun intended, okay maybe there was) that wear colour on their toes best of all are known as Smile - Vibrants.

These guys can wear seven colours all at once without looking like they are the head clown leading the parade down the Main street.

They actually look very natural, sophisticated and well let's just say vibrant when they wear tons of colour, plenty of print and all at one time.


Polka dots are a Smile - Vibrants best print along with stripes and any other uniform (all distributed evenly) kind of print with equal spacing (negative space surrounding the print) like floral for instance. Heart polka dot Image Source

It is easy to clash colours just by having the same print in common - so much fun to do.


Image source

Prints are fabulous on your toes and no matter how bold, your shoes will still stand out regardless (phew right?).


Image source

Emerald Green, Aqua Blue, Periwinkle blue, Bright Yellow, Orange, bright reds, Bright Purple, Blue Greens, Royal Blues, Coral Pinks and Hot Pastel pinks.

Go crazy baby, wear them all and make them as bright as possible.


Hair - Romantics are your girl next door kind of Lady whose nails actually work best of all nude - yep that's right, naked.

But if you enjoy coloured toes and a tan sandal, a soft blue nail polish will give your kind of soft colur contrast a kick.

girl in wide legged jumper wooden high heels denim jacket sunglasses

Image Source

Soft dreamy blues, baby soft pinks and nude blush are the Hair - Romantics best shades so they do need to try harder by adding interest in other ways.

Small details, unusual designs and floaty fabrics will still have your Girlfriends wanting to reach out and touch, you just need to work harder on item rather than throwing out colour.

Hair - Romantics, you need to let your shoes do all of the talking.

Do not distract the from the drama of your glorious shoe by adding colour to those toes.

Hair toe colour

Image source

Plum, soft pinks, soft blues, soft pastels, natural gold and natural silvers work best for you.


Oh so interesting are YOU our Smile - Creative colour type, you really don't need any colour on your toes at all, your colours and prints do all of the talking.

Your best prints are anything that reminds us of Holidays, Travel, hand made and the Exotic.

Amber heard

Image Source

Print clashes are fun on you and you still look so grown up doing it.


Image Source

One of your best neutrals of teal will work the hardest for you on your toes with neon yellow and black coming in as a close second.

You can also do both coral and orange beautifully.


If you are an Eyes - Theatrical, you mean Business and so do your toes.

You wear your  colours best by layering them back with black and white (or any light or dark) for added contrast.



Image Source

Framed prints (with black or white edging) are amazing on you and will always work on your toes too.


Image source

Bright Red, Coral Pink, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Cobalt blue, Navy, Emerald Green, Fuchsia, Black and White in the brightest of brightest hues on your toes will marry back best of all.

Now go out there and enjoy some Sun on your skin with a smile on your face.

Nat xo