Which is your floral?

Floral, it's a tough one hey.

We have all had a love affair with floral at sometime or another (or at least our Mum's thought we loved it) but the truth is, it really just does not suit many people at all.

Those who can wear floral however are known as the smile - vibrant colour types, these guys can wear floral without looking old no-matter how old they actually get.

Smile - Vibrants can also wear gingham, stripes and polka dots without looking too young (it's not always about looking old is it).

So let's have a look at who wears which print best shall we.



Smile - Vibrant colour types suit polka dots (florals are a form of a polka dot) along with stripes, checks and any 'keep the eye moving' kind of print, they can also pull off wearing seven colours all at once without looking like a clown (most of us look best when we wear only three colours at once).

Smile - Vibrants have a warm skin tone which gives off a gorgeous egyptian sands glow but they can in fact have either light or dark hair (this is often where people get confused).

Tan is by far their best neutral and goes with pretty much everything they own.

They can wear black and they look amazing in black and white prints.

The best lipstick colour for Smile - Vibrants is Coral



Hair - Romantic colour types suit soft water-colour prints, spoldge prints, softer paisley (in cool blue and pink colours) and any unframed non edged print - it needs to look as though it runs back into the fabric so to speak.

Hair - Romantics have that very relaxed 'girl next door' appeal and can wear denim on denim until the cows come home.

In fact ripped out and faded denim should be a wardrobe staple for them.

Hair - Romantics have a cool skin tone but only just, this is the colour type that sends cosmetic Ladies nutty due to the very thin line between their pink and almost yellow skin.

People often get this colour type wrong as Hairs are the most confusing of them all and it doesn't help that they can have light, medium or very dark hair just to confuse everyone even more.

They don't look great in solid black clothes but they can get away with hints of black as an edging or within a soft print.

The best lip stick colour for Hair - Romantics is plum



Smile - Creative colour types suit oriental prints as their floral along with aztec, indigenous and paisley prints.

Smile - Creatives have a warm skin tone which tans beautifully in the Sun and their colours and prints need to be spicy in order to stand up to their natural glow.

They can wear black and they look amazing in black and gold prints.

The best lipstick colour for Smile-Creatives is tawny



Eye - Theatrical colour types suit strong high contrast polka dots along with strong high contrast stripes and they can get away with floral but only when done in a strong masculine colour floral like blue.

Eye - Theatrical colour types have a cool blue skin tone which makes the colour white just sing.

All bright colours work well and three is the key for the perfect ensemble - white, black and a colour.

The best lipstick colour for Eyes - Theatrical is bright red.

Okay so how do you know which one of these are you?

All you have to do is try on each of the prints mentioned and see which one seem to work best for you.

You can even take a photo of yourself in each one and flip back and forward until you get your light bulb moment and I promise you, once it clicks, your life will never be the same.

Learning your best print really will make you the BOSS IN YOUR WARDROBE.

Nat xo