Packing for 3 Weeks in France

I am off to France for almost 3 weeks so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you how I prepare to pack.

It's currently Winter here in Australia (and freezing cold in South Australia) but Summer over in France.

So my first point of call is to look back through my Summer outfit files and get a feel for a common theme I seemed to enjoy the most and wore comfortably last Summer.

*If you don't already keep a daily or favourite outfit file, it may be time to get started even if it does nothing else but help you pack*

I noticed that I loved wearing shirts with my shorts and skirts last Summer so I will pack a couple of shirts for this very reason and I will stick to my easy packing rule of - Light, Dark, Colour and a Print bottoms and same with my tops.

I will need one going out to dinner top, pair of pants for this also and a print wedge heel. I feel comfortable in this outfit for that occasion (bottom, right hand corner) so that's the one.

The next thing to do is to lay out one of your bottoms on the bed and lay every top you are taking with you next to it in order to work out exactly what shoes are needed to finish off your - LIGHT, DARK, COLOUR and a PRINT ensemble.

Make sure that you take a photo of each and every combination on your phone so that you have a plan for every single item that you pack - no extra items needed, don't add them in please!

*I am taking more tops than this but I am just using this as an example*

Once you find yourself at your destination and are actually wearing your flat lays. Be sure to take a photo on location and keep them in a "Future warm weather holiday outfits" folder for next trip.

I look back at our "How to pack for New York in Summer" e book for warm weather comfy tourist outfit inspiration still to this day.

See you all when I arrive as I will be making sure that I post my daily outfits up on my Make It Look Easy Facebook page.

au revoir pour le moment,
Nat xo