Wearing Your Skin

Did you know that there are four skin colours? PINK, PEACH, ORANGE and BLUE. 

I myself have pink skin so I know that wearing pink naturally looks amazing on me BUT!

I can also look naked while wearing pink if I don't hunt down pink items with some form of texture or are in a print.

Another thing I can also do is layer a scarf or necklace over the top to stop me from looking like I am only wearing my Birthday suit.

This knit (in the photo above) not only has arm cut outs, it is also ribbed which helps a lot with making sure I look like I am wearing something while giving my pink skin a natural lift.

In this > just over 3 minute video < I show you how it works even more.

If you are trying to work out which colour your skin might be, start by trying on each of those 4 colours and see which one makes you look naked - HUGE TIP! make sure it's at the same level of your skin though as in light orange, lightest blue grey, light peach and light pink.

Nat xo