Power of a Print

So let's chat about the power of adding a print to your outfit and how you can achieve this without using a scarf. I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable in scarves while a lot of people adore them (you all know where I sit here).

In the first outfit you can see how dominant my print shoes are for adding the feature piece. They also work as bringing in the dark to my outfit with a splash of green for the colour.

Light - Dark - Colour and a Print. All four elements have been achieved.

As a hair colour type I suit wearing the same level of colour (or in this case above, all neutrals) all over while using my shoes to bring in the frame.

In the second outfit you may notice that once I remove the print on my feet, my self print tee and necklace become the print while my solid black shoes become the dark frame.

The necklace also has a dash of blue and red colour which adds the fourth element to make up the - Light, Dark, Colour and a print.

Here is a video on keeping your prints in one section.  ==> CLICK HERE <== 

But, you don't always have to include all four elements in one outfit as only three will work too. It just looks more powerful with all four.

At the very least you need the Light and the Dark (contrast) for impact but you can then choose just to bring in the colour (fun) or just the print (feature piece) as your third.

LIGHT and DARK together gives contrast = Impact.

COLOUR adds the fun = Makes you look more approachable.

PRINT is the feature = Directs the eye

I would love it if you practised this for yourself and popped your photos up in my "On my way to becoming the Boss of my wardrobe" FREE closed facebook group.

I can't wait to see how you go.
Nat xo