3 things that make up the perfect necklace?

STOP RIGHT THERE! Don't just walk into any old shop, see something fancy and think that it will go with everything.

You know it won't.

You will get it home and it will just sit there, you know it will... except for the time you wear it once just to stop yourself from feeling guilty about buying it in the first place.

Now let's take a bit of a look as to why things work and why they don't.

There are four elements that make up the perfect outfit (when I say perfect, I mean easy, nailed it and it takes only seconds to do).

And that is to wear a LIGHT, a DARK, a COLOUR and a PRINT.

Now that is the perfect four and it makes life a dream (believe me).

With a necklace you should aim to invest your money on a piece that contains a LIGHT (silver or white gold for a modern lift), a DARK (Black or dark brown for that edgy frame/pop) and a COLOUR (for sophistication: gold which is yellow or rose gold which is pink) - all of these together make up a print.

Finding that perfect statement necklace to nail every outfit in every single circumstance is all about finding one with these elements.

If you have time, here is a quick video.

Any questions? - let me at them.

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Nat xo