Bathers - Eeeek! For most of us right? (but, of course, not all).

But you know me. If there is any way I can help get you into the pool (not just sitting and watching) or help you to get some sand between your toes as you walk confidently down to the ocean - I'm in!

I myself have a smallish bust (my all over top half in fact) and a larger bottom half. I have always headed towards light background prints on top and dark background prints on bottom when it comes to my two piece.




My full piece bathers are animal print with slashes of mascara to keep everyone looking at my bathers as the feature rather than all eyes on my (self thighs and butt.


Not sure where to start with bathers that work for your body shape?

You will have to take at least pairs in and try them on.

You will find the right ones, just keep trying. This will also give you ideas of brands that work for you.


I was lucky enough to chat to Marcia from curvy swimwear on one of my most recent trips to the Gold Coast and we had a look through the latest range of the Capriosca swimwear bathers.

bathers elements to look for.png

I was kind of really digging on this pair of Classique Tuxedo full piece bathers as it adds some amazing eye directional slices in all the right places.

You can watch an old video of me explaining it even better here:

But no matter what you choose to do and feel comfortable wearing, please for the sake of showing our Children, Grandchildren and the Youth in general what real Women look like - take a deep breath and strut your stuff for all to see.

And if you have missed out on finding your favourite colour combinations, you can read more about what the Hue Colour e-book will do for you < HERE >.