Building An Outfit The Easy Way with the Light Dark Colour & Print System

Dressing with the Light (shirt), Dark (shoes) and Colour and a Print (shorts) system makes every outfit a stand out ensemble.

Dressing with the Light (shirt), Dark (shoes) and Colour and a Print (shorts) system makes every outfit a stand out ensemble.


What makes things harder than they should be?

Not having a plan, that's what!

For every system, map, budget, plan or even schedule that we create for ourselves, this not only makes things run smoothly but they also help us to excel.

I developed the Light, Dark, Colour and a Print system five years ago after two years of trying it out on not only myself but hundreds of other Women too.

Now, of course, I have helped thousands of Women (since that time) who implement this system into their lives too.

Here's how it works. With every outfit you just make sure there is a Light, Dark, Colour and a Print and you are all good to go. Keeping in mind that a print can just be added detail on an item.

Make It Look Easy - Outfit Elements - Light Dark Colour Print.jpg


If every single outfit is made up on just one of each of these elements, it is perfect!

You will notice in the photo below that I have on a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts and tan sandals that are in a print.

Make It Look Easy - Nat Upside Down.png


My sandals are a colour (tan is orange) plus a print, which leaves my shirt and shorts to be the light and dark.

Blue is pretty much a neutral in this outfit and will only become a colour when I am wearing only one item in blue leaving it as the stand out colour.

With the next photo - the colour is in the print top as my shoes are my skin colour (pink/nude) and a light and I have repeated the blue again in two places. But here is where the tricky bit comes in...

Make It Look Easy - Wearing Prints in Outfit.png

I really like to keep the print in just one place if at all possible as this is my feature item and will direct the eye.

Strong detail on a shoe changes it into a print even if it is still in the one colour.
Light and Dark together gives contrast = Impact
Print is the Feature = Directs the Eye
Colour adds the Fun = Makes you more approachable

Even though the shoes on the right still have small perforations all over them (these can be seen as being a print when I am not wearing print anywhere else) they are still subtle enough to let my print tee stand alone.

Can you see it? Just something to think about as you increase your confidence in the Light, Dark, Colour and Print system even more.

I would love it if you practised this for yourself and popped your photos up in my "On my way to becoming the Boss of my wardrobe" FREE closed facebook group.

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